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The Schluchsee Group

We are driven by water

On its way to the High Rhine, the Schluchsee water flows via a cascade comprising the three pumped-storage power plants in Häusern, Witznau and Waldshut. Water from the High Rhine is pumped in the opposite direction along the same route to be stored in Schluchsee. This power generation and storage system operated by Schluchseewerk AG is known as the Schluchsee Group.

The upper level – Häusern power plant

Häusern pumped-storage power plant constitutes the upper level of the three-level Schluchsee Group and is the oldest of the five power plants within Schluchseewerk AG. The company’s main workshop and training workshop are also located here.

The middle level – Witznau power plant

State-of-the-art technology is at work behind the walls of Witznau pumped-storage power plant. More powerful than its little sister in Häusern, which is situated roughly seven kilometres higher up, it is an important link and the middle level of the Schluchsee Group.

The lower level – Waldshut power plant

At the end of its journey from Schluchsee, the water hits the turbines of Waldshut pumped-storage power plant and flows from here directly into the High Rhine to complete the natural hydrological cycle. From here, water from the High Rhine is pumped in the opposite direction via Witznau and Häusern power plants to Schluchsee.

Facts and figures:

  • On average, the three pumped-storage power plants within the Schluchsee Power Plant Group generate around 480 million kilowatt hours of power annually – enough to supply approximately 140,000 three-person households with electricity
  • The pressure tunnel between Schwarza reservoir and Witznau power plant is 9.2 kilometres long
  • At a height of 160 metres, the Eschbach surge tank, which equalises the pressure between Waldshut and Witznau power plants, is almost as tall as Ulm Minster

Technical data:

Power plant: Häusern Witznau Waldshut
Upper reservoir:SchluchseeSchwarza reservoirWitznau reservoir
Lower reservoir:Schwarza reservoirWitznau reservoirRhine
Average drop height in metres:200250160
Generator output in megawatts (average):100220150
Pump output in megawatts (average):10012880
Max. flow rate in m³/s:86/40132/40140/40
Approx. annual generation in MWh:120,000220,000140,000
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